• Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who can Upload Media to UTMotion ?


    Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registered users (UTM students and staff) are permitted to upload an unlimited number of audio and videos.


    How to Login to UTMotion ?


    Use your Academic Computing ID (ACID) to login. 

    Please e-Mail ACID Administrator (acidwebmaster@utm.my) if you have problem with your account.


    How do I upload my video?

    All you need to do is to login and click the upload button on the main page and the on screen instructions will guide you.


    It can take from a couple minutes to an hour for your video to upload to UTMotion. If you're receiving an error with your upload, you might want to make sure you're attempting to upload a file that's recognized by UTMotion.


    What File Formats Supported by UTMotion ?


    UTMotion accepts a wide range of audio and video file formats. The media files below are all accepted by UTMotion.


    File Formats for Video:


    ·         WMV

    ·         MPG

    ·         MPEG

    ·         AVI

    ·         MP4

    ·         FLV

    ·         MOV

    ·         MOOV


    File format for Audio:


    ·         MP3


    Video Length and Size Allowed


    At this moment allowed maximum video size is 300 MB.


    What is Tag ?


    Tags are keywords chosen by you in order to help describe the media and also to help users to find the content easily. Tags are descriptive words or phrases that categorize an audio or video clip. Enter as many tags as you like separated by spaces (please don’t use commas). When viewing an item, click on a tag to view other items with the same tag.


    How do I know what Channel to select?


    When you upload media to UTMotion, one of the fields asks you to select a Channel.  You can select a channel from the dropdown menu. If you are uploading a lecture video for teaching and learning, for example, selecting Teaching and Learning then enables you to select Video Lectures sub category or sub-channel from the sub menu.


    At this moment we have 8 channels :


    1.    Creative Works

    2.    Library Resources

    3.    Research and Development

    4.    Student and Staff Activities

    5.    Teaching and Learning

    6.    University Events

    7.    University on Press

    8.    ZOOM UTM


    Please note that UTMotion moderator has the right to add or move your video to relevant channel if necessary.


    Why do  I need to add "Location Recoded" information ?


    Adding location specific information is useful to categorize the media that is uploaded. It tells viewers where the media was taken or recorded.


    How long does it take for media I have uploaded to appear on the UTMotion website?


    Audio and Video all have to be approved by UTMotion moderator before being published on the website. Please allow some time (between 2 hours to 48 hours) for material to be moderated.  It will show up after the moderator approves it.


    I uploaded a video/audio and it has been rejected. Why ?


    UTMotion moderators check uploads to ensure that material that is submitted is suitable for publication. Guidelines for acceptable submissions are available here:


    Terms and Conditions of Use of UTMotion


    How do I change deatils of something I have uploaded?


    Go to "My Profile" (at the top right of the page; after you login), then select "My Media" in the sub menu. You will then need to select Videos/Audios from the sub-menu. Under each piece of media you have uploaded there is an "Edit" link. Select "Edit" then make the changes. Once you have made the changes, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.


    What is the different between Public and Private video setting ?


    UTMotion allows you to indicate whether content that you have uploaded to the system is public (viewable by anyone) or private (viewable only by those you share it with).


    How do I search for individual videos?


    The search bar at the top of the site allows you to search for any video that has been uploaded.





    Sharing Video


    Both UTMotion members and non-members are able to view your public video. Non-member participants can view without needing to sign up. However, a person does need to login to add comments to your media.


    Embed video on other sites


    Use the Embed function (code) from any video file to embed video items in your e-Learning, blog or other website. The embed code snippet is generated and displayed. Copy and paste the code string into the destination site.




    What are Groups ?


    Groups evolve on the UTMotion site because of a shared interest in a particular topic. Joining a group enables you to connect with others who share the same interest. You also can create your own group based on, for example, specific topics, same interest or faculty/unit/centre.


    How to create A Group ?


    To create a group, first check that the group does not already exist. Click on the "Groups" link at the top right of the page. All groups are listed here.  Click on "Create a Group" (link at top right of page). 


    Give the group a title and description, and indicate whether it is public (viewable by anyone) or private (viewable only by those you share it with).


    How Do I Join A Group ?


    In the top right of the UTMotion website, click on "Groups". Here you will see a list of groups you can join. Click on the title of the group that interests you. Under the Group Profile, you will see the link "join this group". Click on this link.


    How do I leave a group?


    In the top right of the UTMotion website, click on "Groups". In the sub-menu, click on "My Groups". This lists all the groups you belong to. If you want to leave a group, click "Leave Group". 




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